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Why should you buy your jewelry from North Georgia Diamond instead of some internet site with NO retail location? 

  • Who is the internet site? Where is it and how long have they been in business? Will they be in business tomorrow? How many dotcoms from five years ago are still in business?
  • Is the diamond you're considering certified by a reputable lab? There are many "for profit" gem labs with questionable, "flexible" grading standards that are not worth the paper on which they are printed.
  • The cutting quality is subject to wide "liberal" interpretation by sellers but contributes 40% to the price of the diamond. This alone often accounts for the entire difference in price.
  • Clarity grades are subject to interpretation and discrimination. There are good SI diamonds and there are less desirable SI stones with obtrusive, unpleasant inclusions. Which one do you think you'll get web "site" unseen?
  • You will have to get the diamond mounted at a cost of between $200 and $450.
  • What about the ring? Will the diamond, it's size, shape and quality, be suitable for the ring design that you like? What if you change your mind? In the end, don't you still need a real jeweler?
  • What about trading up? Will an internet site allow you to trade up to a larger size diamond in the future? Will they give you credit in trade or are all sales final after the initial purchase...if they're still in business?
  • Since you are virtually guaranteed that you won't get the most beautiful diamonds and that you are still going to have to spend at least $300 to $450 for an appraisal, mounting, shipping and insurance - considering all the factors - is it even worth gambling $5000 to save $500?

Don't you really want to touch, feel and inspect your purchase?

North Georgia Diamond is a real brick and mortar Independent Jewelry Store

North Georgia Diamond will also:

  • Polish and clean your NGD jewelry for free
  • Rhodium plate white gold rings for free annually
  • Tighten or reset stones
  • Offer free jewelry inspections
  • Trade up for NGD diamond purchases
  • Do all work on the premises

Most of these services are offered while you wait. This type of service is normally worth 15% to 30% more depending on the item. Not all jewelry shoppers think long term and many do not consider these facts when looking for jewelry.

Our goal is uncompromising customer service.

Visit North Georgia Diamond for great prices on loose diamonds, bridal jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, custom design jewelry, CAD design, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry and coins. We also do jewelry repairs, Rolex repair, appraisals, eyeglass repair, laser repairs at our store located in East Ellijay, Ellijay, Canton, Woodstock, Jasper, Blue Ridge, GA. We also carry brands like Citizen, Bulova, S Kashi and Sons, Unique Settings, Stuller.